Things to keep in mind while choosing your travel partner

With every corner of the world becoming more accessible and affordable, the importance of travelling responsibly has never been greater. Planning a responsible trip, however, requires a lot of research – and it remains especially difficult to find information on responsible tourism in remote destinations and developing countries. So why not recruit an operator to do the legwork?

The choice of tour operator makes all the difference not just to your enjoyment of a trip, but also to your impact on a destination

By travelling with a tour operator that’s genuinely committed to operating responsibly, the fundamentals of supporting local communities and limiting your environmental footprint will have already been built in to your trip,’ says James Thornton, CEO of small-group tour company Intrepid Travel, known for its pioneering responsible tourism strategies (such as being the first major international travel company to remove elephant rides from its tours in 2014).

If you prefer to travel independently, chances are you will still use operators for short excursions along the way. Here’s how to ensure those you travel with will help to minimise your impact on your destination.

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