Things To Remember While Choosing An Event Management Company

You can’t overestimate the importance of partnering with the right event management company. All companies are not created equal and choosing the wrong one can mean all sorts of problems. Here are the things we reckon you need to be looking for.

General experience

There’s a trend in events at the minute that sees anyone who has ever helped organise a school event or a teen disco deciding they’re an ‘event manager’. Add to that the fact that it’s very quick and easy to have a slick looking website and you’ve a recipe for a very effective con. 


We’ve had firsthand experience of this, with a guy who DJs and does club decoration making a poor attempt to copy our website and market himself as much more than he actually is.

It pays to establish how experienced the company is.

Look into what they say they’ve done before. If they can’t give you solid examples of work they’ve done then be suspicious. 


There are courses in Event Management now. You can actually go to college now and study Event Management. 

If you were looking for an accountant you’d want them to have studied accountancy, right? If you were looking for an SEO company you’d want people who had studied digital marketing, right? 

It may be worth checking if the ‘event management company’ you’re speaking to actually have any staff who have studied in the area.


Any company doing good work and interested in doing more should have testimonials from happy clients front & centre on their website, in their marketing material etc..

They should be actively directing you towards them but, if they’re not, don’t be shy about asking. 

Ask to see some testimonials from clients they have worked with before and, furthermore, ask if you can contact them directly. 

Speaking as someone who places great value on testimonials and cultivating great relationships with clients, I LOVE when new prospective clients ask for testimonials and to speak with our current or previous clients. 

It does our marketing for us. What’s not to like?

Proper insurance

This is one of the most overlooked areas while being one of the most important ones. 

Traditionally insurance for Event Management companies has seen the ‘Business Description’ section reading ‘event management’.

Now, ‘event management’ could mean anything or nothing, depending on the judge. 

For example, take a case where people with ‘event management’ insurance cover were hiring out inflatable attractions on which accidents occured. They were never specifically insured for the ‘hire, supply & supervision of recreational inflatable attractions’ (for example). As you can imagine, that’s a messy one in court as insurance companies do not want to pay out on things.

We’ve worked closely with our insurers and underwriters to establish a very comprehensive Business Description so that we are 100% covered for the specific work and roles we take on.

Our Business Description currently reads as follows:

Event Management, Event Production, Event Planning, Transport Management, Event Controller.


I trust my instinct, especially in business.

When we have a potential new project we look to sit down with the client as early as possible.

This allows both them and us to get a feel for one another and for whether we might work well together. 

We’ve turned down projects where we didn’t feel the right vibe or didn’t feel we were the best people for the job.

The bottom line

Look beyond the marketing speak and fancy suits. Look into what they say they’ve done before and who they say they’ve done it for.

Don’t be fooled by a fancy looking website. 

Make sure there’s plenty of substance behind it. 


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